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Partner with us

Partner with us

SRaAMS Pro is an educational portal designed with the operations of the Ministries of Education in mind. (click here for demo)

This great online application gives them (the commissioner) the power to oversea everything happening in all the schools within his/her jurisdiction. In other words, all students, schools and teachers are registered on this portal right from the ministry and their performances closely monitored.

imagine a situation where a Commissioner can:

  1. See and know at a glance, how many accredited schools are in the State.

  2. Know how many students are in the state.

  3. Not having to send emisaries to local governments before having the knowledge of what is going on.

  4. Plan adequately for every student in the state.

  5. Determine what infrastructure that’s needed in every school and channel them correctly. e.g. teachers, books, additional structures, boarding facilities, Information technology gadgets, etc.

  6. Determine how many teachers are in the State.

  7. Know the performance of students in the state. (represented in a graphical interface).

  8. Have an archive of teachers, past and present in the state and their pay grades

  9. Plan adequately for disbursement of pension funds.

  10. Having an instantaneous report on educational affairs of the state.

  11. Comprehensive database list of the entire students in the state, their passport photographs, contact information, local government, school and sponsors.

  12. Student Academic History with dates.

  13. Yearly list of graduating students in the state.

  14. Identify every student in the state via a code number.

  15. Archive of both past and present students in the school. This can be used for future verification purposes, proof of age declaration and other state benefits.

  16. Archive of every student’s results from Jss1 to SS3 accessible and printable by them or the admin for life.

  17. Easy access to every student’s data at any given point in time using a streamlined search criteria.

  18. Easy and quick result uploads.

  19. Reduce the level of malpractices in schools when it comes to result computation

  20. Use this project to encourage the use and introduction of Information Communications Technology to all schools in the state. (We need to bring the remote schools into limelight).
  21. Know at a glance, how much is being spent on salaries every month.


SRaAMS v1.5 is already being used by several private schools in the country and they all marvel at the flexibility, ease of use, great functionalties and security measure embeded into this online portal.
This product has undergone several debugging  processes and has been vetted for security loopholes by our partners in the United States of America.


We are looking for partners who has links in high places in government. We need to work together to get this product to the ministries of education nationwide.

Thanks for showing interest. Call 08036885585 or click here to reach us ASAP. We shall be in immediate communications with you to discuss further.

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