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At the end of every term, teachers finish up with the collation of results and hands them to the system admin. The system admin logs on to the portal, feed all the results into the database. Each student can now log on to the portal from anywhere in the world to check and print their results.

A big advantage the school gets from this is, the portal houses the complete details of all the students in the school (e.g. Full names, email, addresses, phone numbers, sponsors details, student passports, etc). Another advantage is that, there can be an instantaneous census carried out on the number of students in a particular class (e.g. How many students are in JSS 2) or on the entire school. SRaAMS was specifically designed to suit every school owner's need .

The Student Result and Archiving Management System (SRaAMS) is an educational portal for Nursery, Primary or Secondary schools. SRaAMS is configured to support every school's operation in all countries of the world.

This online portal handles everything from enrollment of students to making individual results of students available online directly on the school database. School management can tell at a glance how many students are there in the school at any given point in time. The beauty of it all is that it helps you to make your students results available to them from anywhere in the world provided there is internet connectivity. All they need to do is Login to their account and view/print their results from the database.

SRaAMS performs three basic functions.

(1) Comprehensive Student Online Database

(2) Student Result view/Printing from any location

3) Archive of student results from the lowest to the highest academic levels.

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