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19th April, 2011

Now embeded in the admin panel of individual schools is a bulk sms module with which schools can send alerts to parents/guardians regarding PTA meetings and other likely emergency meetings. Text Messages can either be sent to a particular guardian, parents of an entire class (e.g. JSS1) or parents of all students in the school.

This is module is functional and added free of charge. Schools however will need to pay a token amount of money to load their sms credits on the portal.

SmS alerts on new student registration and result notification remains free.


16th September, 2010

SRaAMS Pro has finally been launched. This sleek, easy to use online education management portal gathers the entire features of SRaAMS V.1.5 and numerous modules which makes it the first of its kind.

This application was designed to enable Educational Heads (e.g. Commissioners of Education) to monitor everything happening in all schools within the state. This can also be extended outside the state.

Depending on how this application is deployed, it can take care of an entire country. Click here to read more about the functionalties of this great application


29th May, 2010
Great news to our subscribers, Another feature has been added to SRaAMS.

The Entrance Examination module enables your prospective students to register, pay and get notifications on up-coming entrance examination dates. With this module, the school can administer every would-be student. Create profiles for them on the portal which will enable them to check their admission status from any location by simply login in to their profiles.


11th May, 2010
Incorporation of sms notifications has been introduced into SRaAMS. After every result upload, students get an sms alert asking them to check online for their results by login on to their profiles via your school website

20 students to undergo a 6week WEB DESIGN TRAINING in every school subscribed to the Student Results and Archive Management System (SRaAMS) ... read more >>


Now embeded in the admin panel of individual schools is a bulk sms module with which schools can send alerts to parents/guardians... read more >>

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